I Thought the Flu Season Was Over?

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how’d this happen…..

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When this last election ended and Barrack Obama was declared the new president of the United States, to say the least, I was skeptical. I knew of two Barrack Obamas, the one on the campaign trail that was supposed to be a unifier of both parties and of this great country. And the one with the most liberal voting record and an autobiography with insight to his frame of mind that was totally frightening of anyone running for any public office, let alone for the President of the United States. However, since most people were blinded by hatred of W, they either chose to ignore or just plain didn’t want to know anything of the latter Barrack Obama. So here we are, nearly 100 days into his presidency and this country couldn’t be in less capable hands and on a path heading straight for a cliff. On a daily basis this administration has wiped their feet on the Constitution, and the “change” that was spoken of hasn’t been any “change” that this country has needed. The “hope” that was spoken of  feels more like hoplessness.

Whether it was the administrations overwhelming need to change the vocabulary starting day one, the spending, the borrowing, the huge debt being incurred, the massive growth of government and it’s new powers to control private industry, the world apology tour or the release of classified information about our enhanced interrogation techniques and among some other things that will also be discussed later, it has all made this natural born American citizen wonder how this happened? At this point though, it’s less important to wonder how it happened and more important to ask what can be done to stop this insanity? Starting with sharing factual information and debating the ideas is a good place to start and somewhat theraputic for me personally. In the upcoming days and weeks all the aforementioned issues will be talked about and maybe we all can figure out how to right the ship and get America back on a path of prosperity and liberty for all, stay tuned……..

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Thus it begins…….Updates and daily blogs coming soon!