Mission Statement

Since November of 2008, myself and others  have felt that our country has taken on an illness. That illness is the deep turn towards fascism and socialism. It has been drifting this way for the last 30 years.  However, due to the complacency of modern American society, the lack of proper education on issues, and the utter lack of accountability, we have chosen this path. We, as Americans, have chose this direction and it is up to clear , free thinking, liberty minded Americans to change that direction.  We have heard a lot about CHANGE and HOPE, but empty platitudes will not stop Leviathan and the political gangrene that is eating away at our liberties, day in and day out.

This blog is about the advent of real CHANGE and to give real HOPE to America through rigorous and clean debate of ideas. That is how it works here on this site. Everyone has the right to comment and speak their mind, in that thrives the spirit of the Founders in every way. However, we ask all individuals to keep their debates clean and civil. If you chose NOT to do so, your comments will NOT be published…period. Assuming we are all adults and free moral agents, it should not be hard to keep the debate going without having to go into wild and absurd ad hominems. Be assured there are plenty of other blogs and sites to vent and rage in those manners. Here, it will not be tolerated.

However, on this site, there is no such thing as an “off-limits” issue. All issues can be argued here, in conjunction, with the aforementioned caveat. You can talk, write, or comment on anything from the current administration, global warming, and gun control to what is the better restaurant, no issue is off limits. All we ask once again is to keep it civil and give all a chance to speak without being subjected to ad hominem attacks.

If it goes as planned, this site should be a refuge for all who seek liberty and a good spirited debate. We dont want to be another “average conservative blog”.  We want to correct the ills that are causing our country, the great city on the hill, to be remedied with good moral character, rightness in action, and with good class.

Thomas Jefferson once said, “All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent”. This is as true today as it was then. So, do not remain silent and speak out! Our liberty is at stake. So speak your mind here and enjoy.

The Count ~ Site Administrator


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