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The Russians are calling us RED!

Posted in Sic Semper Tyrannis, Slobbering Statists, The State of the Union on May 30, 2009 by thecount2009

That is right folks, you know it is bad when the former main apparatchik of Soviet Union Propaganda Pravda, is calling the United States RED, MARXIST, AND COMMUNIST!

You heard me right. If you do not believe me….go read it yourself. It is a very good op-ed because it is another example of someone outside looking in with total astonishment and disbelief . In my opinion, the author hit the proverbial nail on the head. It offers people like me validation on the one hand and embarrassment in the other.

Here is the link:

And… our current Communist-in-Chief recently said at a huge fundraiser in Los Angeles “You haven’t seen nothing yet!”

God help us…..




Posted in Common Sense Applies, The State of the Union on May 3, 2009 by thepatriot2

It is becoming increasingly apparent that president Obama and his followers believe they possess the magical power of hindsight. The ability to look back at any situation and find any flaws, mistakes, etc. This is a very slippery slope given the fact that you can go back in any administration’s history and find things that could have and maybe should have been done differently. That’s the thing about history, you should really be able to learn a lot from it. In this case, looking into possible prosecutions of those involved in the enhanced interrogation issue would be a tremendous waste of time and tax payer dollars to discover that countless lives were spared because of the information gathered during the interrogations. Seeking to punish one for acts that saved human life is more wrong than any acts committed. So lets all hope that the magical power of hindsight won’t have to be used on this administration in the event that a “man-made” catastrophe happened and we find out exactly what this president wouldn’t do to save American lives. This would be a far greater and more painful lesson to learn from history.

other than that……

Posted in Common Sense Applies, The State of the Union on April 29, 2009 by thepatriot2

President Obama’s first 100 days have been very busy. What with spending money this country doesn’t have on things this country doesn’t need, while creating such a massive debt that children who aren’t even born yet will be paying for it. Calling those who oppose his policies in this country “domestic terrorists”,  I know that Secretary Napalitano did it but he’s the boss,while not wanting to insult the people who actually want to kill us by calling them terrorists. Apologize to the world for the United States arrogance and behavior over the years for our actions and in the treatment of our allies, despite the fact that all of Europe would look and sound a whole lot different if it wasn’t for the U.S. Divulge enhanced interrogation tactics so our enemies will be better at handling being captured. Basically, we’ll just beg them to tell us whatever they feel comfortable telling us. And take a thriving democracy for nearly 300 years and attempt to “change” it into an unrecognizable country that our forefathers never intended for us to be. Other than that, he hasn’t done much.

The problem is, it’s just the first 100 days and now with Sen. Spector switching sides there is no opposition to stop or even slow down the next 100 days and beyond. This country is at the mercy of a president and congress that believe such things as those that provide jobs are evil, that dissenting voices are a threat and that government should oversee everything, even though Obama can’t even keep track of Air Force One. Until the mid-term elections, it’s going to be like a bad dream and if there isn’t a change of power in both houses then, it will be a very long and costly nightmare.  This country’s future is at stake and there’s no place else to go, so we have to speak out to preserve our freedoms and liberties or sit back and watch them be taken away.

how’d this happen…..

Posted in The State of the Union on April 26, 2009 by thepatriot2

When this last election ended and Barrack Obama was declared the new president of the United States, to say the least, I was skeptical. I knew of two Barrack Obamas, the one on the campaign trail that was supposed to be a unifier of both parties and of this great country. And the one with the most liberal voting record and an autobiography with insight to his frame of mind that was totally frightening of anyone running for any public office, let alone for the President of the United States. However, since most people were blinded by hatred of W, they either chose to ignore or just plain didn’t want to know anything of the latter Barrack Obama. So here we are, nearly 100 days into his presidency and this country couldn’t be in less capable hands and on a path heading straight for a cliff. On a daily basis this administration has wiped their feet on the Constitution, and the “change” that was spoken of hasn’t been any “change” that this country has needed. The “hope” that was spoken of  feels more like hoplessness.

Whether it was the administrations overwhelming need to change the vocabulary starting day one, the spending, the borrowing, the huge debt being incurred, the massive growth of government and it’s new powers to control private industry, the world apology tour or the release of classified information about our enhanced interrogation techniques and among some other things that will also be discussed later, it has all made this natural born American citizen wonder how this happened? At this point though, it’s less important to wonder how it happened and more important to ask what can be done to stop this insanity? Starting with sharing factual information and debating the ideas is a good place to start and somewhat theraputic for me personally. In the upcoming days and weeks all the aforementioned issues will be talked about and maybe we all can figure out how to right the ship and get America back on a path of prosperity and liberty for all, stay tuned……..

Posted in The State of the Union on April 22, 2009 by thecount2009

Thus it begins…….Updates and daily blogs coming soon!