At yet another stump speech this week, it seems this president spends more time trying to convince everyone that his policies work than he does actually governing, he made a remark about the tea party protesters. President Obama mocked the protests by saying that just by holding tea bags the protesters didn’t know what the problems actually were with this country. Apparently the president didn’t actually know what the tea parties were all about. But this is not about the tea parties, this is about the symbolism that they represented and other symbolic gestures that this president does not have a grasp of since he’s taken office. Starting with the tea parties, since this country’s independence began with a tea party protesting against taxation without representation, it was symbolic of the tea party protesters of April 15 of the peoples’ discourse with the current administrations direction. Perhaps the president marginalized or belittled the protests because he felt emboldened by the recent defection of Sen. Arlin Specter giving his socialistic agenda a more clear path for the next year and a half. The thing about symbolism is that it may not mean much to Obama, but in other countries it means a whole lot more. At the madrases in the middle east a U.S. flag and Israeli flag are in front of the doors like welcome mats. Anyone entering these schools wipe their feet on them, which symbolizes their hatred and overall disrespect for our two nations. In other words, the act of wiping their feet means a great deal to them, symbolically. Since symbolism is big in the middle east and other parts of the world, when a United States president bows to a Saudi king it speaks of a lot more than “showing respect” to the leader of that nation. Despite what the drive by media will have you believe, Obama’s bow to that king will be seen as our compliance, servitude, and loyalty to their power. Bowing is something that this country decided to give up doing as part of the revolutionary war or maybe Obama missed that day in history class. Then take the rubbing elbows with dictators that was important for this president. Glad handing and hugging with Hugo Chavez and gladly and politely accepting a gift of how America is destroying and oppressing Latin and south American countries. This will be huge in Hugo’s next campaign, I’m sure Obama is glad to help the dictator any way he can. The point is, the symbolism of our president chumming it up with dictators and bowing to a king strengthens only those leaders and makes our leader and our country look weak and ready to cave-in to whatever demands are made upon this nation. This is not the image or symbolism that we need to portray in this world. We are supposed to be leaders of the free world, not followers of a president that cannot recognize the meaning of being a leader or free.


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  1. Dr. Bowles Says:

    Well, another illustration to your well made point is Obama’s take on what the new supreme court justice qualifications should be, “a single mother…someone with empathy” are going to enforce laws based on our emotions?!! What does empathy or being a single mother have to do with governing our country.

    Maybe if you have a sad enough story then you may be able to do whatever you please because you are a victim or have been victimized (Oh, WHY didn’t our judges just understand this earlier, before the corporations and rich people raped the poor) *Of course I’m being sarcastic*

    Obama doesn’t care about the laws or the people, he just wants to symbolize he cares, he’s in touch, he’s one of us, and he is the MESIAH of the “workin’ man (and woman)! This is what democrats are all about!! Do what you have to to get votes and push your agenda. Liberals cannot legislate their radical communistic views (even with a house, senate and president who are all Democrats) thus they MUST legislate their agenda through the court system by putting liberal judges in the courts. Why else were so many of George Bush’s federal justice appointments stalled and delayed until now?!

    So here comes Papa Barrack to appear to care for the downtrodden by nominating someone who is a minority or a single mother to be a SYMBOL and mask the true SUBSTANCE, which is to nominate a liberal with communist views to further the democrat agenda. Who cares what race, sex, or creed you are when it comes to the law! It shouldn’t matter. The law should not be based on emotions or empathy it should be based on the constitution and rooted in common sense.

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