It is becoming increasingly apparent that president Obama and his followers believe they possess the magical power of hindsight. The ability to look back at any situation and find any flaws, mistakes, etc. This is a very slippery slope given the fact that you can go back in any administration’s history and find things that could have and maybe should have been done differently. That’s the thing about history, you should really be able to learn a lot from it. In this case, looking into possible prosecutions of those involved in the enhanced interrogation issue would be a tremendous waste of time and tax payer dollars to discover that countless lives were spared because of the information gathered during the interrogations. Seeking to punish one for acts that saved human life is more wrong than any acts committed. So lets all hope that the magical power of hindsight won’t have to be used on this administration in the event that a “man-made” catastrophe happened and we find out exactly what this president wouldn’t do to save American lives. This would be a far greater and more painful lesson to learn from history.


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