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The Russians are calling us RED!

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That is right folks, you know it is bad when the former main apparatchik of Soviet Union Propaganda Pravda, is calling the United States RED, MARXIST, AND COMMUNIST!

You heard me right. If you do not believe me….go read it yourself. It is a very good op-ed because it is another example of someone outside looking in with total astonishment and disbelief . In my opinion, the author hit the proverbial nail on the head. It offers people like me validation on the one hand and embarrassment in the other.

Here is the link:

And… our current Communist-in-Chief recently said at a huge fundraiser in Los Angeles “You haven’t seen nothing yet!”

God help us…..



Get Ready for the Thought Police!

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Micheal Savage is the No. 3 Radio Talk Show host in America. He has just been banned from entering the country of Britain, why, BECAUSE HE IS AN EXTREMIST!!! He might incite violence because he is rife with hate speech. Every time, I get home from work and as of recently, dread looking at or watching the news. Our freedoms in this country and around the western world are eroding. Western civilization and its principles are dying. Britain, the same country of Mill, Locke, Burke, and Churchill is becoming more like Orwell’s 1984. You cannot hardly break wind in Britain without some “victim” there ready to take offense.

“I think it’s important that people understand the sorts of values and sorts of standards that we have here, the fact that it’s a privilege to come and the sort of things that mean you won’t be welcome in this country,” Ms Smith told GMTV.

That is Jaqui Smith of Britian’s Home Office, stating if you do not kowtow with the NuLabour party’s Values or Standards you are NOT welcome in England. Geert Wilders found that one out when he made Fitna. Labour party is the exact same as the Democratic Party in the United States. It is very interesting, that also recently, Homeland Security had compiled an Extremism Dictionary. Really.

The dictionary points out almost the entire American Populace, except office holding politicians or bureaucrats, wonder why they left them out? However, I believe what Britain has done is a juxtaposition to this “dictionary”. The Statist agenda is to Silence the opposition. If you disagree with them you are a threat to national security. What bothers me a great deal is the constant complacency in America. Obama smiles and magically everything is just peachy.

Remember, the malevolence of these people will destroy us. If you do not believe me, just wait and see. The president we have today will send you to the Gulag Archipelago with a smile and a hug. Don’t you just feel so warm and fuzzy inside now? We are going bankrupt and our military is shrinking in size and capability. Every dictator in the world is full of glee because of the far left slant our country is heading. They love it. The left in this country is the enemy within.  Liberty and Freedom is very much at stake in Western Civilization. Tolerance and political correctness has made us Dhimmis to the Islamic Theocrats and Tyrants like Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan. It has made us weak in the face of China and Russia. It makes erroneous and lamentable lies spread by communist/ socialist regimes like in Central and South America. But, this is what the far left has wanted since the 1960’s.

Please Read David Horowitz’s recent column entitled “The Threat at Home”.

Mr. Horowitz can say it more eloquently than I. So, for a very good read and to help you NOT remain complacent, I suggest you read his column immediately. Dennis Prager and Thomas Sowell have very good columns over at today. We must educate ourselves and inform (factually and properly) others of what is going on. If they do not listen. God help them, because Washington will never help.


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At yet another stump speech this week, it seems this president spends more time trying to convince everyone that his policies work than he does actually governing, he made a remark about the tea party protesters. President Obama mocked the protests by saying that just by holding tea bags the protesters didn’t know what the problems actually were with this country. Apparently the president didn’t actually know what the tea parties were all about. But this is not about the tea parties, this is about the symbolism that they represented and other symbolic gestures that this president does not have a grasp of since he’s taken office. Starting with the tea parties, since this country’s independence began with a tea party protesting against taxation without representation, it was symbolic of the tea party protesters of April 15 of the peoples’ discourse with the current administrations direction. Perhaps the president marginalized or belittled the protests because he felt emboldened by the recent defection of Sen. Arlin Specter giving his socialistic agenda a more clear path for the next year and a half. The thing about symbolism is that it may not mean much to Obama, but in other countries it means a whole lot more. At the madrases in the middle east a U.S. flag and Israeli flag are in front of the doors like welcome mats. Anyone entering these schools wipe their feet on them, which symbolizes their hatred and overall disrespect for our two nations. In other words, the act of wiping their feet means a great deal to them, symbolically. Since symbolism is big in the middle east and other parts of the world, when a United States president bows to a Saudi king it speaks of a lot more than “showing respect” to the leader of that nation. Despite what the drive by media will have you believe, Obama’s bow to that king will be seen as our compliance, servitude, and loyalty to their power. Bowing is something that this country decided to give up doing as part of the revolutionary war or maybe Obama missed that day in history class. Then take the rubbing elbows with dictators that was important for this president. Glad handing and hugging with Hugo Chavez and gladly and politely accepting a gift of how America is destroying and oppressing Latin and south American countries. This will be huge in Hugo’s next campaign, I’m sure Obama is glad to help the dictator any way he can. The point is, the symbolism of our president chumming it up with dictators and bowing to a king strengthens only those leaders and makes our leader and our country look weak and ready to cave-in to whatever demands are made upon this nation. This is not the image or symbolism that we need to portray in this world. We are supposed to be leaders of the free world, not followers of a president that cannot recognize the meaning of being a leader or free.


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It is becoming increasingly apparent that president Obama and his followers believe they possess the magical power of hindsight. The ability to look back at any situation and find any flaws, mistakes, etc. This is a very slippery slope given the fact that you can go back in any administration’s history and find things that could have and maybe should have been done differently. That’s the thing about history, you should really be able to learn a lot from it. In this case, looking into possible prosecutions of those involved in the enhanced interrogation issue would be a tremendous waste of time and tax payer dollars to discover that countless lives were spared because of the information gathered during the interrogations. Seeking to punish one for acts that saved human life is more wrong than any acts committed. So lets all hope that the magical power of hindsight won’t have to be used on this administration in the event that a “man-made” catastrophe happened and we find out exactly what this president wouldn’t do to save American lives. This would be a far greater and more painful lesson to learn from history.