other than that……

President Obama’s first 100 days have been very busy. What with spending money this country doesn’t have on things this country doesn’t need, while creating such a massive debt that children who aren’t even born yet will be paying for it. Calling those who oppose his policies in this country “domestic terrorists”,  I know that Secretary Napalitano did it but he’s the boss,while not wanting to insult the people who actually want to kill us by calling them terrorists. Apologize to the world for the United States arrogance and behavior over the years for our actions and in the treatment of our allies, despite the fact that all of Europe would look and sound a whole lot different if it wasn’t for the U.S. Divulge enhanced interrogation tactics so our enemies will be better at handling being captured. Basically, we’ll just beg them to tell us whatever they feel comfortable telling us. And take a thriving democracy for nearly 300 years and attempt to “change” it into an unrecognizable country that our forefathers never intended for us to be. Other than that, he hasn’t done much.

The problem is, it’s just the first 100 days and now with Sen. Spector switching sides there is no opposition to stop or even slow down the next 100 days and beyond. This country is at the mercy of a president and congress that believe such things as those that provide jobs are evil, that dissenting voices are a threat and that government should oversee everything, even though Obama can’t even keep track of Air Force One. Until the mid-term elections, it’s going to be like a bad dream and if there isn’t a change of power in both houses then, it will be a very long and costly nightmare.  This country’s future is at stake and there’s no place else to go, so we have to speak out to preserve our freedoms and liberties or sit back and watch them be taken away.


2 Responses to “other than that……”

  1. thecount2009 Says:

    I agree. The first 100 days has seemed more in the likes of “the first 10 years”. I weep for the future.

  2. Dr. Bowles Says:

    I would really like to know what has Obama done that’s SOOOO wonderful (or should I say enchanting) for the American people?

    He has spend trillions of dollars and monetized some of this debt, which is why the stock market has been holding somewhat steady. However, if you dump TRILLIONS of dollars into the market this creates inflation (too many dollars chasing too few gods) and thus the market will appear to move up. However, the GDP is actually shrinking and we are LOSING jobs, which means less consumers to buy goods.
    This is NOT good (not if you like America).

    Obama has also become the CEO of Chysler, which filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy a few hours ago (America is next). He has started the ball rolling on Universal healthcare, increased taxes on cigarets, raised taxes on businesses (which employ people and create jobs), increased regulations for corporations, gave bailout money to the banks. BUT WAIT… he gave the middle class a tax cut – THIS IS A LIE (allow me to illustrate)

    The “tax cut” Democrats so affectionately refer to is actually a tax credit (which you WILL BE TAXED on at the end of the year) it amounts to a whole $7 a week!!! but it’s not really your money to keep as you are merely being LOANED this money until you pay state and federal income taxes and then you will have to give it back. If you smoke then your screwed.

    Obama got a dog, “Bo”, although he lied about getting the dog from a shelter, as he had promised on the campaign trail, but he also lied about posting his proposed measures on the govt. website so that the people can have more “govt. transparency”. This is just the begining folks.

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